What The Client 's Presenting Problem?

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Does it ask all the necessary questions to determine what the client’s presenting problem is? The intake form does ask all the necessary questions to determine what the client’s presenting problem is. Within the first page, there is three blank spaces that ask why the client is seeking help. This gives the client the ability to write down why they are seeking help without having to look for the answer within the other areas of the packet. This also allows the mental health professional to examine the reason the client is seeking help vs. other potential challenges that may be presented within the intake form. For instance, the client may state that they are seeking help for their relationship, but may also put on the form that they are …show more content…

This intake form has many questions that are important to understanding the whole person. As highlighted previously, the intake form has several questions across all three dimensions that enables a mental health professional to consider that client’s life and where areas of challenge are. I particularly like the area that discusses past trauma, relationship status with parents, and spirituality. I have not seen this on many intake forms, but I do think that they are all important questions to ask. Questions related to childhood can give insight into the client’s emotional well-being over a duration of many years and questions related to spirituality assist in acknowledging where the client’s support systems are. Trauma can also have a significant impact on emotional well-being, so it is important for mental health professionals to know if the individual has gone through significant life events. In addition, spirituality can be used to help with coping mechanisms in many cases.
Are the questions reading level appropriate for the clients? It is my opinion that the Intake Form has a reading level that is appropriate for the clients. The questions are general in nature and do not go into specifics with regards to treatment or what may be confusing or misunderstood. Many of the questions

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