What Woman Do for Beauty Essay examples

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Before makeup, women used strange methods to enhance their natural beauty. They would use burnt matches to darken their eyes, berries to color their lips, and boys’ pee to fade their freckles. That’s not it either, they would ingest ox blood and put leeches on their face because they believed those methods improved their skin by making them paler (Wheatley). In a woman’s lifetime, she spends about $15,000 on makeup. Out of the $15,000 spent on makeup, $3,770 is spent on mascara, $2,750 is spent on eye shadow, and $1,780 is spent on lipstick (Mychaskiw). Every woman who uses makeup has their favorite products they like to use every day. Five times a year, women who use makeup regularly will restock on those items. There are always pros …show more content…

Eyes and lips are usually enlarged, while the cheeks are contoured to slim down the entire face. To enlarge the eyes, use eyeliner at the base of the eye lashes, and then apply mascara to the eye lashes (Mason). To enlarge the lips, the necessities are a lip pencil and lipstick (Mason). The lip pencil should be the same color as the lipstick, maybe a little darker (Mason). Apply the lip pencil to the outer edge of the top and bottom lip (Mason). Then, fill in the rest of the lip with the lipstick (Mason). This creates larger and fuller lips. To slim the face, necessities are an angled contour brush and bronzer. Gently tap the brush into the bronzer, and press into the hollows of the cheeks. This will give the effect of more prominent cheekbones, and a slimmer face. These are the three basic principles of makeup (Mason). Makeup artists do not stick to the three basic principles, or an everyday look. Their job is to give an audience what they want to see. Makeup artists are usually placed in a job doing makeup for a movie, or for runway models. When doing makeup for a movie, the artist needs to accommodate to whatever the writer of the script wants. From dirty to extravagant, the makeup artist needs to be able to do whatever, whenever. When doing makeup, the artist needs to not only think artistically, but scientifically also. They need to make the character look completely real, so that the movie is more convincing. Before color pictures,

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