What is Wireless Power?

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Imagine travelling away for a vacation without worries when your mobiles or laptops will turn down as they charge automatically along your trip without connectors or cables. Imagine that you could grasp your phone on your way morning and charge it whenever you need, at home, work...etc, wirelessly. It would be better not having charges as we would not have to worry about recycling power cords. It seems that wireless power is the future. However, Is it feasible or a stuff of science fiction?

Wireless power is the concept of transferring electrical energy from one point to another without wires. In the early 20 century, after Maxwells’ & Hertz experiments on electromagnetic waves and before the wire grid, ‘Nikola Tesla devoted much effort toward schemes to transport power wirelessly’ (Kurs, 2007). His approach to wireless power use electromagnetic field of some frequencies using his magnifying coil, he ‘ transmitted electricity wireless across 15 miles which illuminated 100 lamps with the charge’ (Reddy, 2013). However, according to Reddy, people, who was walking around, noticed sparks jumping between their feet because of the large undesirable electric field was produced by the coil. Therefore, the interest of wireless power transmission was deferred to avoid such results.

In 2007, ‘the innovation of wireless electricity started way back at MIT’ (Reddy, 2013). In addition, on that time and because the advance of technology, ‘It is also possible to

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