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you Who are you? Who am I? This question has often been asked during the growth of everyone. When we were young, studying in the kindergarten, we would probably answer the teacher with your name. But at the moment, I will think deeper than just the name given by my parent. We all have a different answer for a different age of ourselves, maybe when I become older I will change my answer again. The reason why we have different answers towards this question is because of the interaction between person himself and the environment. According to Erikson 's stages of psychosocial development, there would be psychosocial development due to continuous interaction between self, psychological, biological and societal. Moreover, normative …show more content…

When a person clearly know what is their strength and gain the esteem from it, it will make him love using his strength and not be distracted by lower-order needs easily. In my case, I love doing Math, physics and drawing when I grew up, which I can fully make use of my strengths to satisfy the needs of self-actualization and esteem. I can make a brief conclusion that people would do works more concentrate and productive when they are grew up. For addition, (Schultz & Schultz, 2009) a self-actualizing person would have clear perception of reality, acceptance of self, others, and nature. Also people would develop independence, creativeness and originality. These characteristics are very important for me, who am a student of architectural studies. My daily works are mostly creative work, such as designing buildings and making building models. I think the reasons why I become self-actualizing are the suitable education and appropriate parenting gave to me in childhood. My parents always taught me the right values and gave plenty of care to me. My parents let me tried different extracurricular activities could also help developing and exploring the potential of children, which can also fulfill the needs of esteem and self-actualization. On the other hand I am quite a perfectionist, it is because I always make sure all the works are at my highest standard before I submit them. I want everything in my life be perfect, no matter making models, painting, do math

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