Who Is The Producer Of Muscadine Grapes?

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I began to visit my wife’s church and I met a man who is the producer of Muscadine Grapes. We spent some time speaking to each other and I disclosed that I am in the health food business and interested in the health benefits the Muscadine Grapes possess. I was then asked by the grape producer if I would like to promote his product in my store. Once I received my samples of the grapes, they became very popular and I began to need more products to keep up with the demand. I invested a significant amount of money advertising the product. Due to the high demand of the Muscadine Grapes, I asked the delivery driver to sign a requirements contract to ensure the grape producer will not suddenly stop supplying my store or raising the prices on the product. An Article from The Huffington Post reported on the antioxidant benefits of the Muscadine Grapes. Shortly thereafter, Muscadine Grapes popularity skyrocketed throughout the nation and sales continued to escalate. The grape producer called me and informed me that a company out of Texas was willing to pay him double for the Muscadine Grapes and he gave me the names of other possible suppliers. He also said he would give me the names of potential suppliers that may decide to sell me the grapes but it is not guaranteed. The bottom line is that the Muscadine Grape producer was offered a significant amount of money to sign an output contract with the other company doubling the amount of money I was paying him for the…
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