Who Is The Single Most Valuable Thing?

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What is the single most valuable thing to you in the world? One would answer this question in a variety of ways, but only a few would say is it money that they value the most. However, money is one of the most sought after things in the world for a very long time. Money is so essential in today’s world that it is nearly impossible to survive without it. Even though it can have an enormously positive impact on people and their desires, money can also bring negative impact through the constant struggle to earn more. The world has become so revolved around money that people actually forget to live their lives. People work countless hours and spend their entire lives trying to be secure for the future, but all it does is make it more…show more content…
“Thirty-six percent of Millennials are using an app or other means to track daily food and beverage intake, compared to 22 percent of the population” (Kubitz and Raymond). While it may sound a bit excessive, the incorporation of technology into tracking one’s health is invaluable if used correctly. It is obvious that millennials are extremely gifted at finding newer and better ways to do things. As they spend more time on doing something new and different, they also make advances to the way that the world works. Without technology, the world would be at a standstill, and the fact is that millennials are great at utilizing technology.
Health is very important to millennials and success is as well. They tend to spend a lot of time and money on things they find to be valuable. Big companies are aware of this, and they present product targeting the youth. They also know that the consumer will act if the product is presented in the right way. In this advertisement by Foot Locker, a new basketball shoe by Kobe Bryant is introduced, a lot of well-known people are incorporated into the scene. It seems as if all millennials really need to be confident in purchasing something is either some credibility or engagement. Even though only one person in the commercial has any sort of real connection to basketball, people will give the product a chance. The reason at the end may be perhaps millennials believe in other’s success. Therefore, commercials are presented in
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