Who is Aristotle?

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Aristotle is remembered as one of the greatest philosophers of all time. His ideas on human nature, life and death, politics, and other great topics have laid the foundation for our world today. Aristotle not only succeeded in the area of Philosophy, but in the studies of History, Government, Politics, Drama, and to this day he is known as the father of Biology and the sciences. His many great ideas of the world and how we should live our lives were rarely challenged by others in his time because of how intelligent of a Philosopher he was considered to be. Today, Aristotle’s theory of drama is used screenwriters all over the world, and the outcome from his study of government systems is reflected in the U.S. Constitution. This secular genius has made a great impact on history. “For, if the inherence of soul in the body is not a matter of nature but like that of knowledge in the soul, there would be another mode of dissolution pertaining to it besides that which occurs when the body is destroyed.” Aristotle once said this in relation to his theories on Human Rationality. He believed that the soul, or mind, is “the definitive form of the body”, meaning that humans would not be able to function properly without a brain. As we already know, Aristotle was correct. Without a brain to send signals to all parts of our body, we would be lifeless vegetables without the abilities to walk, talk, dream, or think for ourselves. Not to mention, the brain also must send signals to the

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