Who 's Of Charge?

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Who’s in Charge?
Starting a new job can be stressful. The fear of the unknown, how the people will react to you or if you will fit in are inevitable thoughts that a person may feel when coming to an organization. The fear of getting on the bad side of your boss or creating hard feelings with tenured employees are other fears that can sometimes accompany the fear of the unknown. Not to mention, going into a job where your skills may not mesh with the job at one’s new employer. In this paper, Jim Davis, a young man, starts his new career with a bank, where he is faced with some challenges. This paper will cover from a power perspective the characteristics of Jim’s situation, mistakes Jim made in his assumptions about power and influence, …show more content…

The control that Eric Johnson showed truly made it hard for Jim to be effective in this instant and in other ways throughout this case study.
Eric Johnson created situations, although he did have Jim go through five weeks of informal training to get familiar with the bank and its operations, however, bank policies should have been covered in more detail, especially anything to do with his position, and this would have given Jim the opportunity to do his job more efficiently. Johnson also needed to give better support to Jim, when Jim asked for help he volunteered the assistance of other employees whom he did not value per the comments about that is what they are there for without ever confirming with those employees’ supervisor, which put Jim in a predicament with the supervisor of that department. Although Jim informed Johnson of what the supervisor had stated and Johnson told Jim not to worry that he would handle it, no help arrived that day. However, Jim did have two clerks help the next morning and after a week, he received a part-time secretary (Mainolfi & Cohen, 2000).
Starting a new job is understandably difficult, but Jim not wanting to upset people and taking on work that was not part of his job created situations for himself. Although the training of the branch managers was a great idea, that was not his department, but Johnson again

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