Why College Is The Best School For Me

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College is a big step in life for those who choose to attend it. Students are taken out of the high school environment and placed into one with significantly more responsibilities and freedom. At first glance, the vast number of choices for which college to attend will seem overwhelming, but with careful research, one can drastically narrow the options down to the specific preferences that the aspiring student may have. In my case, I have come to the conclusion that the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology would be the best school for me because of its rewarding campus life, student body, and academics. When the essay prompt was first explained in class, I had no idea where to begin in my search for the ideal college. The online databases …show more content…

Nevertheless, I am certain that Rose-Hulman is the most suitable for me.
Rose-Hulman’s campus life allows for social interactions of all kinds that would assist someone in my position. The campus is in-state, specifically in Terre Haute, which allows for convenient travel between my school and home location. This factor of staying in reach of the people I know here in Carmel essentially places less strain on relationships that I have the role of keeping intact. A steady, communicative relationship with family members and close friends is key to success during college, since many times the burden of school will weigh me down and I will need the support of others to keep going. The suburban campus of RHIT with students having an easygoing as well as productive lifestyle presents to me its most attractive qualities. According to the college’s official website, their campus is very “small, quiet, and picturesque” (Housing and Residence Life). Naturally with a smaller suburban campus, there will be a smaller student body in which more people will be familiar with one another. As a result social “cliques” will not be as prevalent when compared to urban campuses, such as those of state universities. My preference as someone who grew up in the small city of Carmel is to be familiar with its

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