Why Corporations Need Quality Control

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orporations measure the quality through statistics and commit to producing products without defect. Companies create stronger leaders and employees when quality control implemented and used properly. By educating employees through training processes followed and corrective actions documented preventing mistakes and production issues. Regulations required by city and state so corporations can distribute goods safely. Without a quality control process, corporations run the risk of delivering defective or contaminated goods. The manufacturing industry needs specific regulations and quality control measures to protect consumers, protect product integrity, and the environment.
Why Corporations need Quality Control?
When data or process flows aren 't correct and a corporation is using outdated information or it doesn 't exist, the chances of disaster increase. Old guidelines, poor planning, missed deadlines, and a high demand of goods are often the reason for quality failures. Corporations want to keep costs down and one way is to cut corners and not follow processes nor spend time to create or revising them. W. Edward Deming who came up with the term "quality control" thought that reviewing data and process improvement would aid in quality control (Quality Control, 2015).
Blue Bell Removed From Store Shelves

As a matter of fact on January 2015, a concerned citizen contacted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about three strains associated to Listeria monocytogenes
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