Why Do Codes Make A Difference?

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Introduction In the article Reality Check “Do Codes Make a Difference?” General Robert Wood Johnson, in 1943, developed a detailed, one-page credo for the Johnson & Johnson health care firm. The credo was developed to outline the company’s “responsibilities to customers” (Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald, 2014, p. 165). Johnson & Johnson was one of the first companies ever to have a published credo. General Johnson’s intentions were for company management to embrace this credo and make it their way of life.
When General Johnson wrote the credo, his focus was on placing the customer first, then employees, and corporate stockholders last. During those days, this idea seemed a bit discerning, but he believed the business would take …show more content…

This also flows over into personal lives. Though the credo was written over 70 years ago, it could be implemented today, without very little change. Codes of ethics should be applied in every aspect of our lives. We often think of them in our professional lives, but we most certainly should have them on a personal level as well. Codes are extremely important as outlined by Johnson & Johnson’s credo, and the global corporation remains relevant today, because they have always placed the human factor as the priority over money. Though there have been hiccups, the company remains at the top of their game. The article relays how Johnson & Johnson is responsible to communities, and states the importance of building good communities and good citizens. Lastly, their credo recognizes stockholders and the need to have modernized equipment and facilities in order to keep …show more content…

Their business ethics take into account the impact their company has on individuals, as well as the environment. During the Tylenol scare of the 1980’s, company leaders proved by sticking to their corporate credo they had good risk management tools to use. By using the principles they had been using for 40 plus years, they were able to make concrete decisions and avoid a company meltdown. According to (Hartman et al., 2014) a company’s vision should be inspiring and the leaders and employees at Johnson & Johnson support that vision by living up to the credo. Though codes of conducts are extremely important for success, it is in when the values are added into the mix where the company’s leaders, employees, and stockholders have a better decision-making process at their fingertips (Hartman et al.,

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