Why Do Gmo Food People Live At Risk

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Do you like to keep your life at risk every time you eat a meal or snack? Citizens are becoming at risk of health issues because of genetically modified food. Genetically modified items are food that is made with the dna of other organism’s. By eating the GMO food people’s lives are at risk.
That’s why the action of eating GMO food is an important concern.
In my perspective, using genetically modified food would eventually become a disaster. My reasoning is because of the food making an showing of new diseases, triggering a person’s allergies, and harming animals in the ecosystem.

GMO food can cause an appearance of new diseases. They are unnoticeable,making them a silent killer in the food industry. They also have contributed to the development of many common diseases in the United States, including premature aging, gas problems, organ damage, and more. As well as them being connected with reproductive damage,they also make an appearance of food allergies, and increased infant mortality happen.
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Most of the unknown proteins being put into foods have never been eaten by humans before or after they have been tested for their safety. Recently the list of GM food products are made with five of the most common food allergys: eggs, milk, fish, peanuts, and wheat.There also is no mandatory labeling on genetically modified foods.
By producing GMO foods other organisms in the ecosystem could be harmed.Toxics are a big issue surrounding chemical pesticides used commonly with GMOs. The nature of gmo food means fewer weed flowers and less nectar for pollinators, and this would have them without food, leading to their death. Bees and monarch butterflies are hugely important in the pollination of many food crops, but are extremely endangered by GM
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