Why Do Group Work In A Group Essay

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Have you ever worked really hard, and then all your work disappears? And then everyone else benefits from it? This is how it feels to work in a group. When I walk in a class and the first thing a teacher says is “ Group Project!” my heart plummets. For example, in 8th grade English class we had groups. My group was not the best. I would work all day in class and go home and work. The turn in day came and I didn’t want to be the person to take all the credit. I went and gave everyone their share and gave them free work. Yes, part of that was my fault. I also let them use me for my school work. This is why working in groups and people using me for school is my pet peeve.
People wonder why using me for school is bad. It is not fun on my part at all because when I spend a whole night at home working on my school work. I intend for that to be mine not for someone else. It gets quite annoying when people text you or ask you for your homework because they forgot to do theirs. It is hard being a responsible student and having other kids not do their work. It is also hard in groups because your grade depends on this. An example of people needing a lot of help is when they waited too long to start their homework. This happened last year. My nightly routine starts when I get home. I first eat food. After I eat, I then start homework. I have …show more content…

Some of my solutions are the following: avoiding those people, giving them the wrong answers or not helping them last minute at all. In my opinion, the best solution is not helping them at all. This is my solution because when they come and ask for answers last minute. Nobody will give in to them. They will be out of luck. This will teach all of them to do their homework. My next favorite solution is giving them wrong answers. By doing this they won’t come ask me for answers anymore. This will make it easier because I won’t have to avoid them at all if they don’t want my

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