Why Do Schools Have Dress Codes

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School was once designed more for girls than boys until here recently. School is now designed with boys in mind more than girls because girls have a lower standing point but they have higher expectations. Dress code is a big factor in school and your job. School enforces the dress code ethic that would be implied at your job, or so they say they do. It is enforced more on the girls than the boys. A girl named Stephanie Hughes had been sent to the principal’s office on the first day of school for a dress code violation along with other girls for their collar bones showing because it “may distract their male classmates.” Stephanie’s mother, Stacie shared this on her Facebook stating that, “parents are getting called away from their important…show more content…
Girls are told that because they have different aspects the boys can’t help but get distracted and they are to blame for that. If boys were taught to respect woman and learn how to control themselves dress codes wouldn’t have to be set so strictly. Different schools offer different sports with different rules. Some schools have co-ed sports while others only have gender-specific sports. Some schools will claim to have co-ed sports opportunities then when the gender who doesn’t normally play that sports is frowned upon for taking part in the sport. Some co-ed sports that are found at most school is tennis, golf, and track. It is common to see both girls and boys partaking in those sports. While the more specific gender dominant sports it is frowned upon to see the opposite playing it or doing it. Football and cheerleading, for example, is two very specific sports in this case. Football is looked at as a boy sport while cheerleading is looked at as a girl sport. Although it is more common to see male cheerleaders than girl football players, they are there. Male cheerleaders are now on most NFL cheer squads along with competitive cheer squads but not on very many school
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