Why I Choose It As My College

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The University of Albany is State University, which is located in Albany, New York. This university offers many different majors and programs. The University has many sports for both men and women besides the sports there are clubs anyone from the school can join. It offers a big campus where most of its activities and events. In this Essay I will discuss information about Albany and why I choose it as my college. The University of Albany founded on1844, as a "normal school". It trained teachers to increase the population of teachers. It offered a two-year education to students across the state for 50 years. In 1890 the school had to do some improving and it added a four-year education program, new curricula, new faculty, and new …show more content…

The University wants everyone to be united and experience new programs and to gain experience. Experience doesn’t just come from career goals, but from the environment, someone is nurtured in. The University of Albany wants to give the students a chance to get involved with others students. The university is home to 200 clubs and organizations, 19 division 1 athletics teams which students can participate or be a part of. The clubs offered ranges from political and government, clubs to cultural or religious-affiliated organizations, as well as an on-campus radio station. The office of Campus Recreation makes sure that the students stay active and are involved. The University of Albany wants to provide the students the best and safest place to be educated. So Albany has on and off campus housing, which can be set up once the student has been fully signed up and ready to attend. On campus housing allows for students to room with others while being on the university grounds it makes it convenient for students to get to classes faster. Freshman who is joining gets set up either on the Indian Quad or State Quad. The Indian Quad is the eight buildings surrounding the tower, which provides a traditional residence hall environment and the State Quad is the residence halls where are all suite style housing, which consists of 1 to 3 bedrooms that share a “suite” and a bathroom. Living on campus for

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