Why I Chose An Organization Major Essay

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There are countless reasons why I chose an organizations major. Many of these involving my love for being around other people. I really enjoy working in a group setting along with being a part of something bigger than just me. I find it very interesting to work with and learn how to deal with other personalities. I have been involved with leadership in my schools since the fourth grade. Working with my other leadership members in high school is what really sparked my interest in organization as a major. In addition to working with others, I enjoy planning. I like having structure and being able to have a plan of action for everything. It is comforting to always feel prepared and ready to be creative in handling curve balls thrown my way. As a child, I remember planning itineraries for vacations with my family. After earning my degree, I hope to become involved in working with the Disney company. There are several different jobs that I would be overjoyed to do while working here. One of the main ones I would like to do is event coordinating. I feel like it would be so heart-warming to plan a Disney wedding or even a vacation for a family.

There are multiple different meanings to the word “science.” Science includes multiple experimentations and projects in order to come to a solution. The process of this is known as the scientific method. Wikipedia defines the scientific method as “a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting

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