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Conspiracy? I Don’t think So
The first theories and speculations started as soon as the towers were struck that morning on September 11th, 2001, when news reporters where trying to guess what or who could be the cause. Many people started talking about 9/11 as a government act, saying that Bush set it all up to make a good excuse to go to war with the terrorists mostly for oil purposes. Many people to this day don’t know what to believe. The Pentagon crash, the Pennsylvania crash, and the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7’s collapse: It’s a lot to cover up if it was in fact a government act. It was impossible for the government to make and cover up a “False Flag Operation,” and that there is no conspiracy behind it at all. There …show more content…

The building wasn’t struck by anything even though it was speculated that it was taken down by controlled demolition. Conspiracy theorists that look at the September 11th attacks think it was fully a government act and that the Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with it.
Theorists believe that the WTC buildings collapsed in an almost free fall manner from a controlled demolition. They also say that fire can’t make a steel building collapse by itself and that the steel from the wreckage was shipped overseas right away so there was no trace of evidence. Brent Blanchard is Director of Field Operations for Protec Documentations Services, a company that documents demolitions. He takes the most talked about questions about 9/11 demolitions, and puts them to rest. First, he states that the WTC towers didn’t come down in a controlled demolition or a free fall. He writes, “Actual implosion demolitions always start with the bottom floors. Photo evidence shows the lower floors of WTC 1 and 2 were intact until destroyed from above”(Blanchard 43). Branchard also says that the buildings collapsed like they should have. They’re not supposed to topple over like trees because the buildings are too big, leading to a straight collapse in its footprints. Blanchard answers questions about the steel of the WTC buildings by saying that fires have collapsed steel buildings before and the steel debris was not shipped overseas. Some of the steel was taken to be tested and the rest was taken to

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