Why Is Childhood Development Important?

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Why is childhood development important to understand when it comes to parenting? Parents have one of the biggest roles in ensuring that their children grow well and in a healthier manner from the time they are born until they become adults. It is very necessary for any parent to ensure that they have ample knowledge about all the parenting roles they need to play. It is necessary that a parent understand the stages involved in childhood development because children need to be handled differently at the various stages. With this knowledge, it will be easier for a parent to apply the right techniques, to ensure healthy development and growth. It will be wrong for a parent to handle a child who is between two to five years they way they handle a child who is ten years old. The knowledge about child development is also necessary because it will be easier to determine if the child is growing in the right way. A parent will know all the characteristics that a child should demonstrate during the different development stages, so if there is any issue in development, it will be handled effectively as early as possible. In overall, childhood development helps a parent be able bring up children in the right way to ensure they become responsible and healthy adults (Ninivaggi, 2013). Describe and give examples of effective parenting techniques for this developmental stage. Early adolescence is one of the most challenging life stages not only for parents, but for the adolescents
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