Why Is Forbidden Books Banned

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Forbidden Books: Why banning books is never a good idea.
Numerous books have been prohibited by various people and countries all over the world, however, is it really intelligent to do so? At the very least, I personally believe that it’s a completely ridiculous idea and that an approach of such likes should be lost. Everybody, regardless of their background or living status, have a right to read what they desire for. Without question, books are one of the great human inventions which originate from the will to record one’s ideas, findings and memories to pass down to future generations.
First of all, the possession of someone’s freedom and the right to choose and read is essential, therefore the banning of particular books, to me, is nonsense. However, it is understandable that many books consist of uncomfortable explicit content which
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This book was published in 1988 and was banned for its content, which offended countless Muslims due to the fact that it portrayed Islam as a deceptive religion which was sexually deviant. It is also known how there were many gruesome incidents situated around the problem concerning the book. Examples include a Japanese translator of the book being stabbed to death as well as an Italian translator encountering yet another assault, which resulted in a serious injury. Clearly, it can be seen how easily the antagonism developed into an irreparable situation. Therefore, allow me to affirm how books should not have the option of being banned to avoid predicaments likewise.
In the end, I find books to be a valuable source of information and beliefs that cannot, and should not, be bound by the chains of selfishness. Furthermore, people are privileged to read and express their thoughts in freedom. Thus, I believe that a person’s choice of books should never be affected by anyone and should be chosen accordingly by the person
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