Why Is Honesty Important

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Why Is Honesty Important? The Impact of Honesty on Me Honesty has played a key role in my success in life. Throughout my childhood my parents would always remind me about the importance of being honest. In their opinion nothing was as important as having self-respect and being trustworthy. The saying “honesty is the best policy” perfectly sums up my belief about how people should interact with each other. For me, being honest in everything I do can be a very difficult thing, but I have found that as I follow this basic principle my life has become better for it. Growing up in my home as a child, I was surrounded by honesty and integrity. I assumed that the world was a great place where all people genuinely cared …show more content…

With this done I proceeded back to my seat in the back row with the remote clutched tightly in my hand. Approximately halfway through the teachers lecture I decided to let it “rip”. The sound reverberated through the classroom as every pair of eyes in the room slammed into the back of the student’s head. This quiet student was so

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