Why Is Muhammad (Pbuh) Important to Muslims?

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Why is Muhammad (pbuh) important to Muslims?

Muhammad (pbuh) is extremely important to Muslims all around the world, and a sacred symbol for the Islamic religion. Pbuh stands for ‘peace be upon him’. This abbreviation is added along with his name all around the world as a sign of respect for him. Not only that, but Muslims do this to give peace upon him. Muhammad was not able to read or write so his was known as an ‘illiterate’ when he was born, and until he died. Because of this, when ‘Allah’ talked to him, he had to preach to other people and then they had to write them down. All of these saying were kept and treasured and then were finally added into books like the Qur’an and the Hadith. This essay will cover just exactly why …show more content…

These were the first words included in the Qur’an. Muhammad received plenty of revelations throughout his life including the Angle Jibril. All these words were included in the Qur’an and Alas, the Islamic scriptures were created.

As Muhammad was the first to receive the Qur’an, he had the knowledge and understanding to interpret it and show how the principles of the Qur’an could actually be translated into life. Muhammad did not only preach to Muslims about how they should live and the guidance to life but he also showed them it into action, gave them an example (his life). He was a Sunnah – path or example. The perfect man – (al-Insan e Kamil). Many Muslims call him that. He was a perfectly faithful Muslim. Muhammad was seen as the perfect man by Muslims because he was totally and completely devoted to his religion. He was faithful, he continued praying etc.

Although all Muhammad’s sayings and life is recorded in the Qur’an, everything is recorded in the Hadith which is a collection of sayings and stories from the life of Muhammad which were carefully recorded and passed on. The Hadith is an extremely important source for interpreting the teaching of the Qur’an. It is broadly used around the world. The Hadith tells us how Muhammad performed his prayers; it gives them much more information on how to actually follow the teaching of the Qur’an. This is why Muslims follow the example of Muhammad

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