Why Is This Important?

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Why is this Important? The importance of this chapter feels similar to the last in that it’s a very useful tactic or tool to use in one’s decision process. However, this chapter diverges from the last in that it seems almost a bit obvious. Not only is it relatively easy, but it can also be the quickest way of solving a problem. It’s almost ingenious in a way, little effort, low cost, yet you can reap in all the benefits that the last person gained. Even if it doesn’t give a perfect answer for your situation, you can still draw vital inspiration from it. With that in addition, working up the ladder and using what others did for inspiration can help with the topics mentioned in the past chapters. By looking at what others have done, your…show more content…
They may misuse what they learn or selectively learn only what conforms to their bias, reinforcing said bias. This also ties in with overconfidence because when the bias is reinforced so is the confidence in the bias, leading to overconfidence. The possibility of misuse can pose to be fairly retroactive with the topic matter. Why does this topic matter? Looking at Walmart and other countries who’ve seen tremendous success by learning from what others have done. It’s easy to see how this topic has interacted in our lives. The checkout lanes we see when we go to stores, ad trends we see, seemingly new standards in industries, are things that this topic has or likely has had influence on. Looking at what others have done is extremely viable and as such many use it, including businesses. Asides businesses using it, normal people can use it for the most basic of things. When you look at a tutorial on how to do something, what do you think that is? You’re looking at how somebody solved a problem, likely because you have the problem and wish to fix it. The ideas from this chapter cover a broad spectrum of uses and people that use it. What is Interesting About This to you? The Walmart example stood out to me, it’s funny imagining the man traveling all the way to Minnesota just to look at a store. While he was conducting important research, it was still funny to see. That aside, it was fairly interesting to see learning from others in
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