Why Math Is Important For My Life Success And Develop Positive Relationships With Students

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Reason for choosing: I find it extremely important to develop a strong knowledge and fondness of math. I fell that if you start young and show children that learning math can be easy and fun they will find more enjoyment out of math instead of a fear of math. Many young girls are discouraged to like math because math is for boys and boys are better at math. A lot of young girls are encouraged to be great at English and reading because that is more of a female subject. . I know many women who say they were discouraged by math at a young age because they were female and they grew up thinking it was impossible for them to understand math, and that makes me very sad. I want to change this stigma and I feel the way I can do this is showing…show more content…
It is extremely important for children to understand their emotions so they can start to regulate them.

In what ways did you see these two standards observed within your clinical setting:
First Chosen Standard: Demonstrate beginning understanding of numbers, number names, and numerals.
1. I have observed this is the classroom on multiple different occasions. During morning circle the teacher has a routine she follows every day. One of the steps in the routine is counting. Every day they count the amount of students in the classroom. The teacher normally allows the children a chance to volunteer to count. If no one volunteers she chose a student to count. They used a pointer stick and went around the classroom and counted each student one by one. This creates an understanding on one to one correspondence. They also are practicing number names.
2. Another step for morning circle is checking who is absent and who is present. The students move their names from the “at home” column to the “at school” column. After all the children move their names, the teacher says things like, “How many friends are at school today?” This helps the children with the 6.A.ECa benchmark, “Count with understanding and recognize ‘how many’.”
3. When all the students are at school the teacher refers to the “at home” column and says, “There are no friend at home today.” This helps the children achieve the 6.A.ECc benchmark,
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