Why Should Guns Be Banned

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Why and why not ban guns? Guns have been in our lives even before the immigrant's colonized the United States, but in the past few years, there have been many shootings. There have been reasons for why they happen like illness and mass murder, but some people just think that guns have been the main reason behind the shooting. Most all people believe that guns are always the problem. But as people don’t know what should or is going to happen to guns in America over time. As more shooting happens in the year that is to come. Why should guns be banned just because they kill or because the government can’t keep control of something they allow us to have. As the second amendment, we can bear arms, which in meaning we are able to have loaded…show more content…
But all the evidence, not to mention plain common sense, tells us that they can’t do it so efficiently and in such larger numbers without the aid of guns"(Par.16). Which is true in her case cause things like this does happen, as guns do kill way more than any other weapon like a knife drowning. So as Rubin’s opinion we should ban all guns or as she said: “Only eliminating guns will do the job” (Par,13), as “guns kill; it’s what they’re meant to do” (Par,16). But on the other hand, my opinion has the most other people thoughts of trying to keep guns. In my opinion, I do think things should be looked at in the government and the second amendment. As a hunter and a farmer, I don’t wish for guns to be banned but there should be some new rules or the second re-looked at. But also, people don’t see the big picture of what is going on. There have been many wars in the past few years that the cause of some shooting, there has been some illness, and there have been other masterminds behind shootings. But in the big picture, not much is told by the media which is where we all find these. We open our phone, computer, and tv to see a shooting. But don’t say why it happened when you consider and find many ways because media what you to hear or read what they want you to. But guns are not her reason why everything happens guns aren’t people they can’t tell a people to do anything. But guns in the

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