Why Studying Is Hard?

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Modesto Balberan PSY 150 Why Studying is Hard? The usual route for a brighter future is through education, we need to learn a lot of things. The most common place to achieve this is attending school. However, such ambition is not just a piece of cake that is readily available anywhere but instead this involve challenges and sacrifices. On my case, I dared to pursue this challenge (going back to school) in order fulfill my ambition which is to earn a degree because I believe it will put me into better job beneficial not only to myself but most importantly to my family. During the first day of my class, I was really worried if I can surpass through the rigors of education here in the US because I came from a foreign country with a …show more content…

As such affect my concentration and I need to rectify this as soon as possible. Based on the study skills module, concentration may be achieved by setting aside anything that cause disruption. One of which is doing one thing at a time, thus focusing mainly on lesson will guarantee that most of the informations will remain in my memory. I also learned to spend my time efficiently so that I can attend the class physically and mentally prepared. Hence, I need to allocate reading and resting time before attending classes so that I can catch up and engage in any classroom discussion. Another habit that is detrimental to my study skills is being overconfident. There were times that I read my textbook once because I tend to believe that I understood and remembered everything. I did not have the initiative to even quizz myself to find out if indeed an information was registered in my brain. Sometimes, I also took examination without adequate preparation I just relied on the stucked knowledge from previous readings and lectures. As a consequence of this laxity, my scores were low. This result will not help in the future because getting into my major course is highly competitive thus high grade is a must. However, gaining into this aspiration is not too late because based on what I have learned from the study skills module, there are some techniques that can be used so that certain topic would surely be absorbed by my brain. Among which is

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