Winn versus Trans World Airlines

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Winn v. Trans World Air

There are many factors that go into the hiring process for businesses, but one factor should not be discrimination. I believe that if you are best qualified for the job then it should be yours. I know if it was my company I would want the most qualified person working for me. With me being in the military it makes it hard to argue these points because we need to be diverse. My friend was up for promotion to Sergeant First Class last year; it was his first time getting looked at for Sergeant First Class. He had done everything in his power to stand out from his peers. Only 10 people were looked at for promotion in his career field and he was one of them. He knew who his competition was and what they have done since being in the military. Knowing he had more board points than the others he felt confident that he was going to get promoted. When the list finally came out it showed that 2 out of the 10 made it. He was sure one of the names was his. To his disbelief his name was not on it. He was very discouraged and felt like there was nothing else he could have done better to make himself more competitive. When he was searching to find out who had made the list he noticed 2 females made it. With research he found out they had not been in as long or had any special assignments, or leadership time. This was upsetting to know that the military has to promote based on gender and race. I always thought and believed a company would want

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