Winnebago Case Essay

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Winnebago has several issues that the company should consider. The company has been experiencing back-logged orders, which could be resulting in customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. Each year the back-logged orders continue to grow. During peak sales times, Winnebago has a difficult time delivering orders at the same rate as the rest of the year.
Increasing gas and diesel prices, along with an uncertain economy are making consumers think twice about spending money on travel and leisure items. Consumers are lacking peace of mind and confidence in the economy and it is affecting sales in the Recreational Vehicle industry. As sales go down, dealers are placing discounts on their current RV inventories. This strategy is helping …show more content…

-Weakening national economy
-Terrorist attacks Strengths to avoid Threats:
-Use brand name recognition to expand into new markets and create more awareness in current market Minimize weaknesses and avoid Threats:
-Produce more fuel efficient RV's

External Analysis Winnebago is a North American leader in the production and sales of motor homes and has experienced substantial growth to become its industry leader. In 2001 Winnebago captured 18.9% of the industries market share to become the number one company in the industry for the first time in over 20 years and achieved this in part due to its successful

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