Women Of Courage By Margaret Truman

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“Courage does not have to be constant, but I would like to see it become contagious” Women of Courage is a collection of twelve short biographies. The biographies are about courageous women in American history that are not well known or recognized. This book was written by Margaret Truman Daniel , the only child of the 33d President, Harry S. Truman. She was an all American singer turned best selling writer. She wrote mainly murder mysteries and historical nonfiction. Margret published this book with William Morrow and Company Incorporated in nineteen seventy six and the current copyright is nineteen seventy seven. Women of Courage is two hundred and forty seven pages of outstanding American women. Along with the twelve, short, biographies this contains a preface for each new component in it. Some of the women discussed are feminists, a wife of a President, even the first American female doctor. There are four main sections in Women of Courage and they include; Courage and Crisis, A Passion For Crisis, Three Faces of Fortitude, and Gallant Voices. All though there are multiple extraordinary women in each section, one will be explained and reviewed from each component of the book. First of all there are three women of Courage and Crisis. They include Susan Livingston; the daughter of a New Jersey Governor, President Madison’s First Lady; Dolley Madison, and Native American named Sarah Winnemucca. The woman whom stood out the most in this section was Dolley Madison.

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