Women's Model Of Care

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“There not just apart of the furniture, they are apart of the community” (Fire films, 2014, June 26). Arcare in Australia recently changed their model of care to patient centered; with a successful transition they are better able to support the elderly and staff at the care home and have provided the elderly with a greater quality of life. Traditionally leisure based programs such as the leisure ability model, have been implemented and focus on the client and assisting with independence and appropriate leisure functioning, with 3 main ideas, education, participation and treatment (Stumbo & Peterson, 1998, p. 82-83). The leisure ability model is used all around the world and focuses on an individuals “internal locus” (Stumbo & Peterson, 1998, p. 82). As the quality manager, this model, I believe is no longer relevant in current society. A move to the patient centered model would ensure relationships are the focus, where all clients live in a supportive and encouraging community (Fire films, 2014, June 26). The change to the patient centered model would ensure clients, staff, volunteers and families are included and able to form loving and caring relationships. (Fire films, 2014, June 26). By exploring the negatives and benefits of change in regards to clients and staff and also how the change would be implemented, a better understanding of the patient cantered model can be established. The patient centered model does not just view an individual as elderly but treats them as
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