Woolworths vs Coles Branding

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1. Introduction: This study attempts to research and analyze both second hand literature as well as first hand observation. The report also plans to discuss the effects of retail image, personality and brand and their interrelations between the supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths in particular at the Westfield Kotara site. 2. Literature Review: Dong-Mo Koo’s study “Interrelationships among Store Images, Store Satisfaction, and Store Loyalty among Korea Discount Retail Patrons” analyses the concept how various discount store characteristics and attitudes towards these stores alter consumers satisfaction and furthermore, how does customer satisfaction influence store loyalty. Koo’s study discusses: (1) The forming of attitudes and how it…show more content…
This study however, extends to analyzing the consumers psychological behaviors during the shopping period rather than before and after. This compliments Alain d’Astous and Melanie Levesque’s study in that the stores unique personality will have a direct impact on consumer’s psychological attributes and emotions relating to purchases and loyalty to the company. It also contains a direct link to Dong-Mo Koo’s study in which attitudes are created through in-store activities and have a direct correlation to consumer satisfaction and store loyalty. Alain d’Astous and Melanie Levesque’s study reviews the pleasantness of the store to be directly related to time and money spent by the consumer. In this study the research is conducted when consumers have already entered the store and measures the consumer’s emotional responses against their time and money spent. The study’s main argument for this methodology is that emotions during the shopping experience will take precedence to emotions prior to entering the store and it is these emotions during the shopping experience that influence time and money spent in-store. The study suggests that d’Astous and Levesque’s model helps asses the stores personality, whilst this study presents and actual link between consumers emotions influencing consumer purchasing rather than attitudes and intentions. 3. Rankings for Image and Personality: Each of the Coles and Woolworths supermarkets were graded against a

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