Working With A Team Project / Individual Work Essay

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Every employee has their own personal attributes that they value; this helps them to find out about the industry that they are working in. This will make the employers become informed of what is going on, which will allow then to gain more knowledge and help to develop their skills. Team Working: employees may not have the correct skills to complete their individual task, but by working in a group (team) using their combined skills to complete their task. Working in groups is also needed to work as part of a big company. In team work is also crucial for new employee to take advantage through team work. Time Management: It is necessary for every company because when employees do not arrive at time then their work, they will not give time and this will drop the work standard. Creatively: creatively is needed to bring new ideas to a team project/ individual work. Organisational Skills: organisational skills are needed to work in order; otherwise it is easy lose or misplace important documents, physically and electronically. Problem Solving:Employees undertake a certain problem and resolved by working on it. It is very important in the field of IT. It shows the employer workers to do everything to solve the problem and find the best solution for it. Leadership: leadership skills are important in IT field as it illustrates the employer that you are willing to be in lead of the others and help to get all the development in the IT industry. There are few qualities that each

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