Working With Families Benefits

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Benefits: There are numerous benefits when working with families. If educators work closely with families they will form a greater, more in-depth understanding of the family unit. This will allow them to plan meaningful learning experiences (intentional teaching) which will be of interest and benefit to the child (eg: if the family expresses that they go to the beach every Saturday morning the educator could plan experiences around swimming in between the flags – this would be of benefit to the child and one would assume interest the child).

Another benefit of working with families is that educators can establish goals with the child’s parents. Once the goals are established the educator and parents can discuss ways in which the child can …show more content…

For example if the daycare was in a small town and a major company went into receivership meaning a lot of residents lost their job – the centre could provide additional support such as helping them apply for special childcare benefit (allowing childcare to be free of charge for a specified amount of …show more content…

The first challenge is miscommunications. This is when the parent misunderstands what the educator is trying to say or explain. If miscommunications are not picked up on and corrected it can cause unnecessary friction between educators and families which can implement on the child. The second challenge is language barrier. If the family is from a non-English speaking background and has difficulty speaking and understanding English it can create barriers. There are ways in which this challenge can be reduced: visual cards, educators can use online programs to translate what they are saying (such as google) or if funding permits a translator could be bought in if it was regarding something of a serious nature. The third challenge is cultural barriers. This is when a family’s culture varies from the educators and it can be a challenge because the family may not agree with things that are being suggested or stated. For example in some cultures a married woman must only speak with an outsider (such as an educator) when her husband is present. The final challenge is socio-economic differences. If a family comes from a low socio-economic background it usually means that the financial earnings for the family are minimal which can implicate on the child. It can implicate on them in a variety of ways such as the ability to pay for excursions/incursions, ability to purchase new clothes etc. This can be

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