Write A Descriptive Essay On South Oakville

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Southeast Oakville, filled with houses that look so similar you can’t tell which one is yours, filled with large yards and swimming pools, tiny dogs walking with their jogging mothers. Next to the shining city of Toronto, we’re the town people drive by, stopping for Tims and gas on the way to a big show. Making the city seem so much larger, so much better than the mess of tree-lined streets, Oakville is an introductory town. Most people know the lifecycle that you are born with in Oakville; living with your parents in a higher-upper class house, itching to move away, coming back after university and finding a job, eventually settling down. It seems like we are all stuck in this purgatory here, unless we find a holy excuse to leave, and even then most people won’t take the plunge. For now, more and more people are being hypnotized, stepping to the depths of Oakville. We appear to those eyes that are drawn to diamonds and sparkling lakes,…show more content…
At one time they may have been strong and true, a rich history, but now I could sink my teeth into and chew all of what we are in one meaningless bite. As a backbone, we helped beat slavery and created stories of triumph for decades time, currently we are simply reading those stories and creating nothing of our own. The most we can say we've done is donate a dollar on our weekly booze run and even still most Oakvillians sheepishly turn down that offer, if we're being honest. Obviously honesty isn't our strong suit, whether our Mayor is promising better roads just to sink into his hall of hallways, or when we pride ourselves on our beautiful lake yet petition to shut down one of the last natural parks showcasing it, we aren't honest. Our billionaires are corrupt, stealing from their own companies and our crime is purely out of boredom. The support beams of our town are rotting in the middle and we seem to just keep digging
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