Writing Can Be A Struggle Essay

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Introduction Writing can be a struggle. Even for myself, I am struggling right now to compose this last paper for my degree. Nevertheless, I have the necessary tools and the mindset to complete this paper with perfection. My working environment is peaceful. Soft classical music playing, soy candle burning, and a cup of water next to my computer. (I am not a coffee person). My outline is fully filled out with the research I want to incorporate into my paper. I know what my end goal is and the expectations that I must achieve. I am ready to write! Students need this same type of determination when they are writing. This is especially true for EL students. Based on research there are three main principles for effectively teaching EL students: “(1) generally, effective practices are likely to be effective with ELs. (2) ELs require additional instructional supports. (3) The home language can be used to promote academic development” (Goldenberg, 2013, p. 5). In this paper, I am going to highlight a few writing best practices that are research based to use within a classroom setting that are particular successful for EL students.
The first practice I am going to discuss is creating a classroom community of writers. Writing is often ignored, and when it is brought up in the classroom the students view it as a daunting task. Therefore, it is up to the teacher to change this environment into a positive experience. In the article, Writing in the ESL Classroom:

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