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A REPORT ON WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SKILLS OF NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE STUDENTS Prepared by: Ang Kar Yong Updated on: 3rd March 2013 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my supervisor, Ms. Sylvia, for the valuable advice and support she has given me in the writing of this report. I would also like to thank her for her encouragement and guidance. ABSTRACT This study was to investigate which aspects of written communication should take priority, and to provide the appropriate recommendations to improve on National University of Singapore (NUS) students’ written communication skills. It was requested by NUS on 8th February 2013. The investigation was done by Eka Training Group, supported by Centre for English Language…show more content…
Listening skills Written communication skills Intercultural skills Oral communication skills Interpersonal skills What do you see as the most common barriers to effective communication in your workplace? 49 89 100 105 73 Figure 1. Common barriers to effective communication 2 The major finding of the investigation was that a majority of the respondents believe that email writing skills are very important in their job. Referring to Figure 2. 96.7% of all the respondents perceive email writing to be important or very important; 88.2% of all respondents perceive report writing to be important or very important; and 80.2% of all respondents perceive proposal writing to be important or very important. Not at all Somewhat important Important Very important N/A How important is each of the following skills in your job? 150.0 112.5 75.0 37.5 0 Email Letter Report Proposal Figure 2. Types of writing skills and its importance 3 In addition, many of the respondents state that they commonly and frequently write emails in response to enquiries/requests, information sharing with their colleagues/staffs and to request for information. Referring to Figure 3. 50.3% of all respondents indicate they write emails in response to enquiries/requests more than 10 times per month; 48.5% of all respondents indicate they write emails to share
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