Yelena's Tailoring Feasibility Study

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At Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations we provide alterations and repairs for every type of clothing including casual clothes such as sweaters, hoodies, joggers, and dresses. No matter the fabric, whether it is leather, denim, suede, wool, or fleece, we can work with it. Most tailoring jobs take a week but rush jobs can be done if that is what the customer needs. If any of your work clothes, such as suits, are damaged and in need of repair, then bring them along to Yelena's Tailoring & Alterations and we will have them looking smart again. We taper pants if needed and offer a hole repair service if your work jacket has snagged on a hook. We will even put a patch on a police uniform. If you want to look like a million dollars then the tailoring

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