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Blue Nile, Inc.
“Stuck in the middle” of the diamond engagement ring market

Vision and Mission “Blue Nile’s vision is to educate its customer base so that customers can make an informed, confident decision no matter what event they are celebrating. It wants to make the entire diamond-buying process easy and hassle-free. In addition, an important part of Blue Nile’s vision as CEO Diane Irvine said in a recent webinar with Kaihan Krippendorf, is for the company to be seen as the “smart” way to buy diamonds, while saving 20%-40% more than one would in the typical jewelry store.” (Hoffman, 2010, p.1).
The objective of the case study of Blue Nile is to evaluate and study their current business strategy.
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Blue Nile is the leader in online jewelry making. They have a unique selling position as they were the first company to allow an individual to customize their diamond engagement ring. Customers are able to choose and design their own ring with options such as clarity, size and the shape of the diamond. Customers can also choose from many settings for their engagement ring. Customer service is a priority to Blue Nile. They offer their customers a personalized experience to build customer confidence. Many options are made available to their customers through their website. Customers can choose from toll-free calls, live-chat, or email as a means to contact customer service. Convenient billing and insurance options are other ways that Blue Nile strives to provide excellent service to their customers. Customers are offered a bill me later option as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. All orders are shipped to their customer fully insured to build customer confidence in Blue Nile. With as many as forty suppliers Blue Nile has the capability to maintain a unique supply chain model. They maintain strong relationships with their suppliers. Their diamonds are offered for direct sale from their cutters. This allows Blue Nile to purchase stones at a lower cost than the competition because they avoid the mark-up from third-parties. Their virtual online inventory permits them to have limited inventory on hand, therefore

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