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Cat Dissection Lab Report

At the conclusion of the cat dissection, you will be required to submit a formal report. The format for this will differ from that of the osteoporosis lab report because the dissection is used as an opportunity to review structure and function for the major systems rather than to test a hypothesis and draw a conclusion.
Please the following information as a guideline for compiling the lab report. Only one lab report per group is required. You do not have to answer the questions listed during the actual dissection, but you should be familiar with what is being asked of you before beginning. The lab must be typed and divided into sections according to systems (Meaning each …show more content…

Be sure to discuss its means of communication, length of effect and response time. In addition, outline an example of a feedback mechanism involving the endocrine system. (4)
Identify the main structures of the lymphatic system and describe their functions. (3)


(NOTE: Questions may be grouped together and do not need to be answered in the order listed).
Describe two interesting observations/discoveries (2)
Diagram labeled with major digestive structures/organs (5)
Describe the functions of the major digestive organs (6)
Describe the diaphragm and identify its function (2)
Identify the location & function of the epiglottis. (2)
What is peristalsis and what is its function? (2)
Explain the function of sphincters and identify some places they are located. (2)
What is chyme? How is it produced? (2)
Why are the small and large intestines labeled as they are? (2)
Where is the gallbladder in relation to the liver? Why? (2)
Explain the importance of bile. How and at what point does it enter the digestive system? (2)

Describe two interesting observations/discoveries. (2)
Diagram the Respiratory System. (3)
Describe the functions of the structures of the respiratory system (3)

Diagram of the heart (Include chambers, valves & major vessels) (6)
Diagram tracing the path of circulation in the

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