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HR professionals can use online recruiting to more effectively support recruitment activities while reducing organizational costs. Online recruiting reduces organisational costs plus its quick and easy to do. HR managers and professionals can post job vacancies in minutes from anyplace location where every there is internet accessibility and can receive immediate responses from eligible individuals without a fuss. However, HR professionals need to understand how this process works in order to use it effectively. This could be done by providing frameworks of understanding and the antecedents and outcomes of recruitment (Burkholder, Edwards, & Sartain, 2004). Four strategies to mitigate the unintended consequences associated …show more content…

Nonetheless, there are various unwanted consequences which come with e-recruiting. In order to avoid such concerns, job seekers should always verify if the vacancy is genuine, from an actual existing company prior to giving or sending their (PII), personal information in response to the advertisements. Furthermore companies should consider investing in simple, low-cost online recruiting systems. This will make it easy for the job seekers to apply and for HR employees to navigate and select potential, best matched candidates. Accurate training should be provided to the HR to ensure they know the system and it will simplify the online process. When hiring they should be technically competent employees who are able to use a complex HRIS which is a must. Consistency in planning and execution will assist in maximising the use of the human resource system. In the recruitment phase the employer and employee always have unidentified expectations of each other; the psychological contract, which will make it quite difficult to achieve the online recruitment. It is imperative to implement the psychological contract in order to remain in align with the employees and staying with the company’s business strategy.
This can be accomplished in e-recruiting by certifying that the company’s website has a provision of a personal tool kit which will support the

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