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1. Learning is an experience which  Mrs. Dizon lets the learners do the occurs inside the learner and is learning activity. Like for example, activated by the learner. instead of writing the meaning of the adjectives in the board, what she did is that she made a group activity and let the learners find out what is meant by that. 2. Learning is the discovery of the  Instead of giving directly the personal meaning and relevance meaning of adjectives, Mrs. Dizon of ideas. showed some pictures and let the students to give their own interpretation.5|Field Study 2 - Experiencing the Teaching - Learning Process
3. Learning is a consequence of  This no. 3 principle has something experience. to do with or is similar to “Learning is an …show more content…

determining and formulating learning objectives, I noticed that Ms. Gonzales imparts her lesson objectives including plans and purpose of lesson for her students. 3. Lesson objectives must be in the 2  Based on the totality of the lesson or 3 domains – cognitive, skill and discussed, the lesson is holistic and affective or cognitive and affective complete because it dwells on or skill and affective. knowledge, skills, and values. The lesson for that day of Ms. Gonzales was about a poem entitled “when I was one and twenty”, throughout the lesson, they showed their skills in reading, as they read each stanza of the poem with correct pronunciation considering their accents and pausing. After reading literary piece. Questions are followed to check the student’s comprehension and understanding about the poem and lastly, with the concern in the affective domain, there is also a question that tested their reasoning skills in which afterwards they interpret the true meaning and essence of the poem that leads for the development to their values. 4. Work on significant and relevant  Ms. Gonzales present a poem lesson objectives. entitled “when I was one and twenty”. She asked her students on what they understand in the title and to the stanzas of the poem. And there is a line that comes from the poem where in Ms. Gonzales asked her students on what is their point of view about it. Some students raised their hands and gave

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