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Shackleton’s Way: Analysis & Review
Sara Mleso
Weber State University

Shackleton’s Way: Analysis & Review Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to participate in the group discussion in person on the day we were on campus. I have since emailed both particpants in my group, Anna Guzman and Tara Rhodes, who both responded promptly that everyone was submitting short answers to the questions in our discussion group, to compare and analyze. I have since compared and reviewed their answers with mine and we have similar opinions on Shackleton’s leadership traits, the meaning of the great achievement of failure to us all seemed to be that his greatest achievement was successfully keeping his team of men alive for two years. …show more content…

The doctor, scientists, biologists, and others who thought they were there as passengers just to do the specific work they were hired for were not looked at or treated any better than the seamen, the deck hands, or the cook. In the book it states, “Shackleton broke down the traditional hierarchies by having everyone pitch in to do all the work on the ship” (Morrell & Capparell, 2002). At one point when they were pulling into Buenos Aires, the doctor of the ship was at the wheel and the people observing at shore were astonished that he would be doing such a thing. I think that it was genius on Shackleton’s part to make everyone as involved and familiar as possible with everything that was required. The scientist was helping the cook and the seamen were learning how to conduct and document scientific observations. Everyone was involved to some degree in the whole process. Of course, Shackleton himself was right there involved in every aspect himself. Something said by those that knew him was he led by example and was always the hardest worker in any situation.
Great Achievement of Failure Throughout the entire book I never considered anything that Shackelton did as a failure. Of course he didn’t reach his final destination. He was within vision of where he was trying to reach. It was described as close enough that it was taunting them in front of the ice that their ship was stuck in. Many would describe that

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