hsc care for children and young people

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Care for Children and Young People.

Q. Describe health and social care services provision for looked- after children and young people (Pass 3).

Organisation of care provision.

Care is provided for children and young people by the following agencies;
-Central and local government.
-The voluntary sector.
-Private providers.
-Provision for young offenders.

Central government.
There are a number of departments and services within central government as detail below.

Department of health;
This government department is responsible for public health issues. It guides and helps manages the National Health Services the department of health aim is to provide public health and well being. This department is hoping to accomplish …show more content…

They provide early year’s education, childcare services, health advice and information together with support for parents, which may include training, courses, information sessions and workshops.

Nursery provision;
Private nurseries usually cater for children from 0-4. Other nursery provision is part of the local education service and may be in a nursery school or part of an early year’s unit in a primary school.

Extended schools;
Many schools provide

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