interpretation of sleep

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English 131.05
07 April 2013
Interpretation of Sleep “The Sleep” by Caitlin Horrocks basically tell you about the people in the small town of Bounty. Protagonist Albert Rasmussen wife was killed by a drunk driver on an icy road. In this town the people looked up to Albert Rasmussen because he was smart and decided to stay in Bounty after graduation. Albert had gathered the whole town over in his family room to have a discussion. This discussion took place “…before the cameras, before the sleep, before the outsiders, and the plan sounded as strange to us as it would to anybody” (Horrocks 104). This literally means that they didn’t have anything much technology and before they actually decided to sleep. In this short story “The Sleep” …show more content…

This situation with this family is sad because I think the family was unaware of the unventilated gas heater. They could have checked items in the home before hibernation in order to prevent things like this from happening to them while they were sleeping. Carbon Monoxide is

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