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MINI-CASE: BUDGETING AT PERFORMANCE BOARDS, INC. 1) What should you do next? What are some of the options at your disposal to ensure that you do not alienate your colleagues? As the budget is limited and the number of projects in question is multiple, only the best projects which promise the maximum growth for the company can be selected. As the CIO of the firm, my job is to keep the functional manager’s happy and motivated at all times. At the same time I cannot create a void between the sponsors and myself. This type of situation creates a dilemma and needs to be dealt tactfully. As a next step I would: a) Conduct meetings with my functional managers and explain the situation such that there is no communication gap created b) …show more content…

This model for revenue generation is used extensively in the cloud and Amazon runs it Web Services based on it. They charge a customer for the amount of resources that they consume on a monthly basis. For instance, a customer can start a virtual machine with amazon with a particular configuration at any time. The customer has the option to upgrade his subscription to a new

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