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SSA2211 Revision Notes Chapter 2 – In the Beginning – The Lion City 2 different recounts of the birth of Singapore Who / Year How it started When the reign ended Why he left Sejarah Melayu Seri Teri Buana, Prince of Palembang / 1299 Decided to stay after he saw the merlion and renamed Temasek as Singapura After 5 generations / 1396 Last king, Iskandar Shah betrayed by his official who opened the gates for invading Javanese forces Portuguese recounts Parameswara, Prince of Palembang / 1392 Fled Majapahit forces despatched to crush the rebellion he staged After 4 years / 1396 Assassinated host who welcomed him. Fled the ensuing Thai forces set to avenge for the dead ruler Accounts on the birth of Singapura …show more content…

(competitive advantage) Temasek served as a trading hub for a regional hinterland Jambi, capital of Srivijaya, sacked by invasion forces. Port-settlements mushroomed along Melaka Straits 1279 Yuan Dynasty encourages maritime trade 1299 Seri Teri Buana arrives -commanded a large retinue of boat people (Orang Laut) 1330s Wang Dayuan arrives in Temasek and records a Thai invasion that was thwarted by a Chinese mission 1368 Temasek ceded to Melaka in return for annual fixed payment of gold. Temasek’s existence as autonomous port-settlement came to an end Prince from Palembang secured sole rights to conduct trade with

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