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PEST Analysis of Airline Industry?

Hi, I'm doing an assignment conducting a strategic analysis of EasyJet and have to do a PEST analysis of the industry. Can anyone offer me any help outlining the main more

Update : I have a good idea about what to cover in each section but I'm more


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Tristen B answered 6 years ago

PESTLE analysis if you are including legal and environmental.

Airlines are a good one because so many different things affect them.

Political - Taxes that they get charged in different countries for landing, fuel taxation etc

Economic - e.g. How does interest rate movement affext their longterm debt? …show more content…

Polulations growth - does an ageing poulation affect them i.e. baby boomers, lots of people in that lifestage have more disposable income to spend....

Technological - As things improve technology becomes cheaper. How does this affect them? Does this mean the entries to barrier are lower for competitors to join? Do easyjet have a big R&D dept?

Legal - Different legalities of different countries - some stricter than others...

Environment - carbon offsetting, what is their CSR policy?

Remember when you are answering that easyjet are a budget airline and so their competitors are people like Ryan air - not Virgin... Hope that helps




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Mike M answered 6 years ago

PESTLE analysis Rather than buy other people essays as one other poster mentions the formats at or are free and provide advice.

If looking at competitors like the porters 5 forces then competitors include coach and train companies, indeed depending on the use of travel even web conferencng and video conferencing will impact.

For legal factors you will need to take into account national laws in each country the airlines land, it is also worth looking at local bylaws - as the likes of ryan air and easyjet do not just follow a traditional business model - indeed they make most

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