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#3) Ligase catalyzes a reaction between the 5' phosphate and the 3' hydroxyl groups at the end of DNA molecules. The enzyme calf intestinal phosphatase catalyzes the removal of the 5' phosphate from DNA molecules. What would be the consequence of treating a cloning vector, before ligation, with calf intestinal phosphatase? 


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DNA ligase is an enzyme that ligates two DNA fragments with the help of the phosphodiester bond. Its major role is in repairing the breaks, especially single-stranded breaks, in the duplex DNA of humans. So, this enzyme forms the phosphodiester bond between the 3’ OH group of one nucleotide and 5’ phosphate group of another nucleotide.

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Ligase catalyzes a reaction between 3’ OH and 5’ phosphate groups present at the end of DNA molecules. The function of calf intestinal phosphatase (CIP) is to remove 5’ phosphate group from DNA molecules.


CIP is used in the process of DNA sub-cloning, so that the DNA fragments c...

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