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The frame is subjected to the horizontal force and couple moment. Determine the priciple stresses and the absolute maximum shear stress at point A.

Refer to attached image. Thank you.

3 m
400 N
350 N-m
2 m
150 mm
150 mm
1 m
50 mm

Image Transcriptionclose

3 m 400 N 350 N-m 2 m 150 mm 150 mm 1 m 50 mm


Expert Answer

Step 1

Determine the moment of inertia of the cross section:

The width of the section is 0.15 m and the depth 0.05 m.

Step 2

Find the first moment of the area of the section as shown below:

The centroidal distance is 0.05 m.

Area of the region is 0.05 m x 0.05 m.

Step 3

Find the bending stress at point A using the relation:

The distance from neutral axis to point A (c) is 0.025 m.

While considering the...


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