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A 1.00 m long beam of stainless steel with a square 2.00 cm×2.00 cm cross section has a mass of 3.02 kg. What is its density in grams per cubic centimeter? 


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Step 1


1 m long beam of stainless steel

cross section = 2.00 cm×2.00 cm

mass = 3.02 kg.

We need to calculate the density in grams per cubic centimetre.

So, the following unit conversion is needed.


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1kg 1000 g 3.02kg 3.02 x 1000 g 3020 g 1m 100 cm

Step 2

Calculate the density:

Density = mass/volume

Mass is given and volume needs to be calculated to know the density,

Volume= l.b.h

(Product of b and h is nothing but cross section)

By substituting the values, we get...


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V = 100 x 2 x 2 cm3 V 400 cm3

Step 3

Now, calculate the density by substi...


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3020 g 400 cm Density Density 7.55 g/cm3


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