Asked Feb 20, 2020

(a) An AB6 molecule has no lone pairs of electrons on the A
atom. What is its molecular geometry? (b) An AB4 molecule
has two lone pairs of electrons on the A atom (in addition
to the four B atoms). What is the electron-domain geometry
around the A atom? (c) For the AB4 molecule in part (b), predict
the molecular geometry.


Expert Answer

Step 1

a) Since we dont have any lone pair in AB6 and just 6 sigma bonds are present.

=> number of hybridised orbitals = number of sigma bonds + number of lone pair = 6+0 = 6

Hence hybridisation = sp3d2

Since  sp3d2 has octahedral molecular geometry 

Hence AB6 has octahedral molecular geometry (also electron-domain geometry is octahedral).

b) In ...

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